Our vision is to care for the needs of the students with academically and economically diverse backgrounds.


To impart quality education and create social consciousness for the all-round development of our students.

About the Course

B.Com. is the oldest and successful programme of our college. Started with a strength of 80 students in 1998, currently we have 750 students. The strength of the department is qualified and experienced faculty. The department carries a number of activities for the students like guidance sessions, guest lectures, intercollegiate paper presentation competition for students, industrial visits, mock stock exchange and like. We also encourage students to participate in research conventions and conduct social activities involving students. B.Com. is a course which supports students for a number of professional courses like C.A., I.C.W.A., C.P.A., M.B.A. etc.

Admission Eligibility Rules for Three Years of Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com.)

First YearSecond YearThird Year
HSC to First SemesterFirst to Second SemesterSecond to Third SemesterThird to Fourth SemesterFourth to Fifth SemesterFifth to Sixth Semester
HSC passed with Arts / Science / CommerceAny number of ATKT's in I SemesterAll clear in I and II Semesters OR not more than 2 ATKT's in each of I and II SemestersAll Clear in I, II and III Semesters OR Any number of ATKT's in III Semester and not more than 2 ATKT's in I and II Semesters eachAll clear in I, II, III and IV Semesters OR I and II Semester all clear and not more than 2 ATKT's in each Semester of III and IV Semester OR III and IV Semester all clear and not more that 2 ATKT's in each semester of I and IIAll clear in I, II, III, IV and V Semesters OR Any number of ATKT's in V Semester and not more than 2 ATKT's in III and IV Semesters and all clear in I and II Semesters OR Any number of ATKT's in V Semester and not more than 2 ATKT's in I and II Semesters and all clear in III and IV Semesters

List of subjects for the Three Year B.Com. (Regular)

All the subjects given below are compulsory for the students of this college. They cannot take any other subject in the special group or applied component group. The paper in all subject carry 100 marks.

F.Y. B.Com.

Semester ISemester II
Accountancy and Financial Management - IAccountancy and Financial Management - II
Commerce - ICommerce - II
Business Economics - IBusiness Economics - II
Business Communication - IBusiness Communication - II
Environmental Studies - IEnvironmental Studies - II
Mathematical and Statistical Techniques - IMathematical and Statistical Techniques - II
Foundation Course - IFoundation Course - II

S.Y. B.Com.

Semester IIISemester IV
Commerce - IIICommerce - IV
Business Economics - IIIBusiness Economics - IV
Accountancy and Financial Management - IIIAccountancy and Financial Management - IV
Business Law - IBusiness Law - II
Foundatiion Course - IIIFoundation Course - IV
Applied Component (Any One)
Advertising - IAdvertising - II
Computer Programming - IComputer Programming - II

T.Y. B.Com.

Semester VSemester VI
Commerce - VCommerce - VI
Business Economics - VBusiness Economics - VI
Financial Accounting and Auditing - VFinancial Accounting and Auditing - VIII
Financial Accounting and Auditing - VIFinancial Accounting and Auditing - IX
Financial Accounting and Auditing - VIIFinancial Accounting and Auditing - X
Direct and Indirtect Taxes - IDirect and Indirect Taxes - II
Applied Component (Any One)
Computer Systems and Applications - IComputer Systems and Applications - II
Export Marketing - IExport Marketing - II