Research Development Committee


  • Dr. Gajanan Wader
  • Dr. Seema Somani
  • Dr. Rinkoo Shantnu


  • To promote research culture among faculty members.
  • To encourage faculty for publishing research papers in reputed journals.
  • To inculcate research attitude among students.


  • RDC organized One Day Workshop on ‘Research Proposals & Publications’ for faculty on Monday, 3rd July, 2017. The workshop was inaugurated by Dr. S. T. Gadade and Dr. P. S. Goyal. The sessions were conducted by Dr. Sangeeta Pawar, Dr. Rita Khatri and Dr. Jaya Manglani.
  • Dr. Seema Somani conducted a Session on rules and regulations of Avishkar Research Convention – University of Mumbai on 5th August, 2017 for students and teachers.
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  • RDC organised a Session on ‘Research Paper, ISBN/ ISSN Journals, Impact Factor, Citations & H- Index’ for faculty on Thursday, 31st August, 2017. Mr. Ramakant Navghare, Librarian, C.K.T. College of Arts, Commerce & Science, New Panvel was the speaker for the session. He also gave insight on the list of journals where research papers can be published.
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