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Tri-Tech Relay

A big finale. That’s what the Computer Association had in mind for its final event for the year 2016-2017. After weeks of brainstorming and planning, a name was chosen: ‘The Tri-Tech Relay’. The Tri-Tech Relay was one of the biggest and most audacious technical events that were ever conducted on the campus.

The Tri-Tech Relay was a 3-stage relay challenge that tested the participants on their knowledge, problem solving skills, pattern recognition skills and memory. Teams of 3 would participate, where each member in the team would participate in a different stage each. Once a stage was completed, the token would be handed over to the next team member. Speed and accuracy are the key to success.

The members of the Computer Association faced a huge challenge in organizing this event. It was a challenge the members tackled head on.

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Preparation Week: S.Y. and F.Y. members began planning the event a couple of weeks prior to the designated event date. Brainstorming ensued and the three stages of the challenge were decided. Teams were formed for each stage and the daunting task of publicizing the event.

Execution Week: The publicity teams were scrambled to all streams in PCACS to inform the students about the upcoming mega-event. Online registrations opened which was quickly followed by traditional offline methods. These efforts resulted in over 300 people registering for The Tri-Tech Relay in teams of 3, from multiple streams in PCACS.

The three stages of The Tri-Tech Relay were:

  • Switch Keys: A typing challenge where the keys of the keyboard were switched around. The ultimate pattern recognition and memory challenge.
  • E-Treasure Hunt: A treasure hunt where the clues are strewn all across the web.
  • The Quiz: A 3-round countdown quiz that tested logic, vocabulary and general knowledge.

The Tri-Tech Relay was a ground-breaking success. Over 90 teams battled it out for the top spot. That one title known as the ‘Tri-Tech Champions’.


The Smile Project

Duration: 26th September – 3rd October, 2016 (8 Days)

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For the first social event for the year 2016-2017, the Computer Association partnered with an NGO known as SEAL (Social and Evangelical Association for Love). SEAL provides shelter, food, clothing, health-care and education at the SEAL Ashram located at Panvel.

The Computer Association organized a drive in order to collect usable clothes, bags and footwear from the students and faculty of PCACS, for the residents of SEAL Ashram. Titled as ‘The Smile Project’, the Computer Association set out to accomplish this new challenge. The one factor that set this event apart for the Computer Association was that, this event was executed entirely by its First Year members, while the Second Year members provided organizational guidance to their juniors.

Once all the details of the event was communicated to SEAL, the event took place in the following way:

24th September, 2016

The Second Year Computer Association members called a meeting where the First Year members were briefed about their upcoming task, its goals and guidelines for execution of the event.
The First Year members were then divided into two teams: Team 1 and Team 2.

26th - 27th September, 2016
Day 1 - 2: Publicity

The group leaders of the two teams decided which group would publicize ‘The Smile Project’ in which classrooms. Once the classrooms were divided amongst the two teams, the teams split into smaller groups of two or three and began the first phase, i.e., spreading awareness and details about ‘The Smile Project’ in each classroom in PCACS. The Second Year members of the Computer Association announced the event details in all the staff rooms in PCACS.

28th – 30th September, 2016
Day 3 - 5: Collection

The First Year members organized themselves into groups and scoured each floor for donations. The groups visited each classroom on each floor in order to collect the donations as well as remind them about the event. The groups also collected donations from the staff rooms.

1st - 3rd October, 2016
Day 6 - 8: Final Packing and Pickup

Once the collection was completed, the entire donation was packed into bags. Once packed, the Computer Association coordinated a pickup date with SEAL.
The pickup vehicle from SEAL arrived on 3rd October, 2016 in the college premises. Once the collection was handed over to SEAL, ‘The Smile Project’ came to an end.

The first social event held by the Computer Association was a massive success. The Computer Association collected over 50 big bags full of clothes, schoolbags and footwear for the residents of SEAL Ashram. The two teams that were assigned with the task of executing ‘The Smile Project’ saw that the event was conducted and executed beautifully.

A Social Event - Balkalakaar

Computer Association volunteered and supported economically, a Social Event "Balkalakaar" organized by AIESEC on December 20, 2015 at Dr. Pillai Global Academy, Panvel. The event looked into the simple pleasures of childhood that many underprivileged children missed out because of the poverty and hunger that engulfed their lives. Here around 400 underprivileged kids came together for a day full of fun, learning and happiness. It was an amazing experience for the volunteers to witness the innocent smiles.

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