Non Statutory Committees

List of Committee Members

Name of the Teacher Faculty
Dr. K. M. SrinandhinideviBiotech
Prof. Jenny PrajithB.Com. (F/M)
Prof. Abida K.B.Com. (A/F)
Prof. Prerna Sharma B.M.S.
Prof. Seema SomaniB.Com.

List of Student Representatives

Name of the StudentRoll No. Class
Ms. Dandavate Vaidehee Vijay 2759S.Y.B.Sc. Biotechnology
Ms. Reshma Nair 4623T.Y.B.M.S.
Ms. Rutuja D. Chavan 4153T.Y.B.Com. F/M
Mr. Meghaben Mahesh Navadhare 4454T.Y.B.Com.

Schedule for Library Visit by Library Committee Members

Name of the Committee MemberDay
Dr. K. M. SrinandhinideviAll Days
Prof. Jenny PrajithTuesday
Prof. Abida K.Wednesday
Prof. Prerna SharmaThursday
Prof. Seema SomaniSaturday

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