B.Sc. Economics Curriculum

Sr. No.SubjectSr. No.Subject
Semester ISemester II
1.1Introduction to Micro Economics2.1Intermediate Micro Economics
1.2Introduction to Macro Economics2.2Intermediate Macro Economics
1.3Statistical Techniques in Economics2.3Econometric Techniques I
1.4Soft Skills2.4Professional Communication Skills
1.5Human Values2.5Python Programing
1.6Introduction to Programming / Problem Solving & Programming2.6 PPython Programing (Practical)
Semester IIISemester IV
3.1Public Finance4.1Econometric Techniques II
3.2Demography & the Economy4.2Economics of Environment
3.3Advanced Mathematical Techniques for Economics4.3Indian Economy
3.4Advance Statistical Methods4.4Operational Research
3.5Introduction to Database4.5Business Intelligence
3.6 PAdvance Statistical Methods Practical using R tool4.6 PEconometric Techniques II with R (practical)
3.7 PIntroduction to Database Practical - MySQL4.7 PBusiness Intelligence Practical (MongoDB)
Semester VSemester VI
5.1Development Economics6.1International Economics
5.2Financial Economics6.2Industrial Economics
5.3Game Theory6.3Practical application of Econometric Techniques
5.4Data Visualization & Decision Making6.4Financial Market
5.5 PData Visualization & Decision Making Practical using Tableau6.5 PFinancial Market Analysis with Python
5.6 PProject Work 6.6 PInternship