Program Overview

Admission Eligibility Rules for Two Years of Master of Science in Biotechnology (M.Sc.B.T.)

First YearSecond Year
B.Sc. to First SemesterFirst to Second SemesterSecond to Third SemesterThird to Fourth Semester
B.Sc. B.T. passedAny number of ATKT's in I SemesterAll clear in I and II Semesters OR not more than 2 ATKT's in I and II SemestersAny number of ATKT's in III Semester and not more than 2 ATKT's in I and II Semesters provided marksheet of IV Semester will be withheld until I and II Semester ATKT's are cleared

List of subjects for the Two Year M.Sc. Biotechnology

M.Sc. Biotechnology Part I (Semester – I)

Paper IBiochemistry
Paper IIImmunochemistry
Paper IIIGenomes and Transcriptomes
Paper IVBiophysics

M.Sc. Biotechnology Part I (Semester – II)

Paper IMetabolomics
Paper IIClinical Immunology
Paper IIIGenomics and Molecular Biology
Paper IVAdvanced Analytical Techniques

M.Sc. Biotechnology Part II (Semester – III)

Paper IPTC and ATC
Paper IIMedical Microbiology
Paper IIIBioprocess and Applied Biotechnology
Paper IVDevelopmental Biology

M.Sc. Biotechnology Part II (Semester – IV)

Paper INanotechnology
Paper IIIPR and Environment
Paper IIIBioinformatics
Paper IVBiostatistics