Research Projects

Avishkar Report 2018-19 I Round

List of the students qualified for I round held on 20th December, 2018
at Mahatma Phule ASC, Panvel

Title of the ProjectStudentsClassLevel / Category
Digital Roadways Utekar Viraj Dnyandeo
Rathod Kailas Vaman
M.Sc. ITPG/5
Salt stress management in maize plants using IAA producing and phosphate solubilizing rhizo bacteriaNaidu V Ashwin
Singh Nitesh Kumar
NairTanushree Sethumadhavan
M.Sc. BiotechPG/4
Production of Poly-β-Hydroxybutyrate (PHB) by bacteria isolated from mangrove soil Mr Mourya Santosh
Mr Mishra Pradeep
Ms. Omble Mansi
M.Sc. BiotechPG/3
A Study of Sinking fund of Cooperative Housing Societies in PanvelMr. Rohan Yadav
Ms. Diksha Sharma
Simplifying the process of removal of vehicle hypothecationMr. Kundan DasT.Y.B.Com(B.A.F)UG/2

Student Project 2018-19

Student Research Award

Ms. Raveena Menon, T.Y.B.M.M. Advertising won the First Prize in an Inter-Collegiate Paper Presentation Competition for students on 'Digital India – Challenges Ahead' the topic 'Demonetisation and its impact on the common man' at organized by the Karnala Sports Academy Barns College of Arts, Science and Commerce at New Panvel on 23rd February, 2017.

Ms. Shivani Choudhary, S.Y.B.A.F. was selected to present the research paper titled “Margadarshak to Overcome Hurdles of Blind” at State level in Aavishkar Research Convention 2016-17 at Nanded in the month of January, 2017.

Students Participating in "Avishkar" Intercollegiate Research Convention, 2015

Name of the StudentTitleCategory
Reuben Mathew
Prajakta Pokhare
Shailesh Prasad
Bluetooth Irrigation SystemC5
Bare Pranik
Chaudhari Pranav
Bijle Mohammed Riyaz
Mahtre Nikita
(Technologically Smart Parking)
Rithvik Bhasi
Sourabh Surendra Salvi
Inductive Charging StationC5
MollaZaheer Abbas
Kevat Ankit Mahendra Kumar
Meenu Thomas

On Going Research Projects by Students

Student NameProject GuideTitle of the Project
Elora Das
Vaibhav Yewale
Akash Kanojia
Dr. K. M. SrinandinideviScreening of feather degrading bacteria from soil.
Sanit Mhatre
Shardool Nair
Mr. Gopakumar PillaiBiodegradation studies of plastics using soil microorganisms.
Sanket PatilStudy on biofertilizers
Mrunmayi BhouraskarMs. Uma SadashivamScreening of oil degrading bacteria
Suyog ChavanMs. Marishka D’souzaIsolation of oil degrading bacteria
Anjali Rawat
Kaustubh Patil
Anju Nair
Divya Pillai
Mr. Gopakumar PillaiAssessment of water quality of kalundre river, Panvel.
Priyanka ThaleMs. Bhakti HiraniPreparation of nanoparticles from spices and testing their antibacterial activity
Pooja ManhasDr. Remya V.Antioxidant activity of plants
Priyanka PatilMs. Jyoti KadamIsolation and enumeration of Azotobacter from soil
Shweta GaikwadIsolation and enumeration of rhizobium from leguminous plant fenugreek and mimosa
Vidya PillaiMs. Bindu RajaguruStudy on chytoson
Varsha GaikwadSynthesis of plant based nanoparticles

Department of Biotechnology

Five students from M.Sc. Part II Biotechnology participated and selected in an Intercollegiate Research Convention "Avishkar - 2012" organized by University of Mumbai, held on 12th December, 2012 and got selected at District Level.


Name of the StudentsProject TopicProject Guide
Priyanka BhattacharyaIsolation, Identification and Characterization of Novel Keratinolytic Feather Degrading BacteriaDr. K. M. Srinandhini Devi
Wahid Gaffar KadwaikarImpact of Ozone on Antioxidant Enzymes in Vigna Radiata L. and Vigna Mungo L. and their Biochemical Responses to OzoneDr. K. M. Srinandhini Devi
Garde Vijay RamdasIsolation, Identification of Microorganism from Soil and Optimization of Process Parameters for Maximum PHB Production Meenakshi Johri
Mukesh Choudri
Mayur Prakash ManeSynthetic Seed Preparation from the Explants of Stevia Rebaudiana for Agriculture PurposeNilambika Meti Rajiv Gandhi Institute of IT and Biotechnology, Bharti Vidyapeeth, Pune