Arts & Media Association

Arts and Media Association, a part of Department of Mass Media provides a platform for all creative minds to showcase their skills and talents.

Association Head: Ms. Alpana Sharma

Recent Events:

Department of Mass Media hosted ‘Red Carpet’ event for parents and other staff members on 28th February, 2018 with full zest and fervor in the college auditorium. The short films made by S.Y.B.M.M. students were displayed on the big day and feedbacks were given, the films varied from topics like gender equality, values system, education, solutions to stress and many such issues pertaining to the Indian society.

It was a moment of pride to see the students’ films screening in from of their parents.

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Career Guidance Session by T.Y.B.M.M. students - Sairaj Mangutkar and Bhavesh Katwale.

On 27th January, 2018 S.Y.B.M.M. students distributed snacks and spent quality time with the kids at Vinayak Patil Balgram, New Panvel.

social-service-activity-1 (1)
social-service-activity-1 (2)
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When a person has high level of emotional intelligence, he empathizes with the people around and realizes his responsibility towards the society. To realize such responsibility, real life experiences and interactions are of the utmost importance.

The S.Y.B.M.M. students of Pillai College of Arts, Commerce and Science, New Panvel were given an opportunity to learn one such responsibility. They visited the Girija Foundation Orphanage on 19th January, 2018 and provided them with notebooks, pencils, colors and other stationery items to the children of Girija Foundation in Panvel. Students - Nidhi and Anushree sang a beautiful song for them, we played passing the parcel which indeed we ended up noticing their talents and the spirit of living the life.

Our students learned the value of sharing and caring for others; and the people of the orphanage appreciated this gesture of the students. Indeed, a smile goes a long way.

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social-service-activity-2 (2)
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On 14th January, 2018, a group of five students from T.Y.B.M.M. took an initiative to pay a visit to children belonging to the orphanage called the Robin Hood Army in Navi Mumbai. They assisted the street kids in doing their work, interacted with the students, taught them new things, played games and so much more. It was indeed an experience that words cannot justify. An ex-perience we all should take and realise that the satisfaction one derives after seeing those smiles is incomparable.

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Students of F.Y.B.M.M. visited at Nagar Palika School situated in New Panvel as a part of 'Social Service Activity' on 24th January, 2018.

Cakes were distributed among the students on the pre-ceremony of Republic Day and activities like singing of patriotic songs and speeches were given to motivate the students.

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Arts and Media Association (A.M.A.) screened two movies for B.M.M. students on 29th and 30th January, 2018 with a single focus to teach how to critically appreciate the movies and understand the intentions of the moviemaker.

Following movies were screened:

  1. Men, Women & Children (2014) by Jason Reitman
  2. Brigsby Bear (2017) by Dave McCary
screened-two-movies (1)
screened-two-movies (2)
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Jason Reitman’s vision was to showcase the ill effects of excessive use of internet and how the lives of these teenagers and their parents get affected.

Whereas Dave’s movie beautifully illustrates that there are times when the world is big and scary that should not make you stop following your passion. Love, Live and Pursue your Passion.

The movies were interpreted to the fellow students of B.M.M. dept. by Vikrant Pujari a student from Second Year B.M.M.

Department of Mass Media conducted its community service under Arts and Media Association (AMA) on 14th June, 2017. Inspirational movie – ‘Chillar Party’ was screened for the students of NGO - Immanuel Mercy Home, Chiple, Panvel in the college campus. This movie aimed to inspire the kids about life with a blend of smartness, comedy and discovering the power within oneself. Snacks were served after the movie. It was a beautiful experience for the students as they appreciated and exchanged smile with the NGO kids.

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Reuse and Recycle – A social initiative: Arts and Media Association by Department of Mass Media has taken the initiative of ''Reuse and Recycle Books” as a part of our social responsibility. This initiative will collect textbooks and notebooks donated by the students as well as students. The textbooks would be given to PCACS students who need them and the unused pages of the notebooks would be recycled and gifted to the under-privileged kids. The dates for donating books are from 15th to 21st December, 2015 at Classroom G-303.


SHEROES – Film Festival: Arts and Media Association by Department of Mass Media is conducting a month long film festival ‘SHEROES’ – A salute to women in cinema. There will be screening of one movie each Friday starting from 27th November to 18th December, 2015. The movie screenings will be followed by discussions and contests.