Entrepreneur Development Cell



To encourage the spirit of entrepreneurship amongst the youth.

EDP Seminar on “How to Start Your Business”

Entrepreneurship Development Cell organized a session on “How to Start your Business” on 27.06.2019 at 2.30 pm in Conclave. The Guest Speaker for the session was Mrs. Anjali Gupta Nair, Founder and Director of A Divine Ariel Events International Pvt Ltd. She is also an Internationally Certified Trainer, Business Entrepreneur and Professional Speaker. The session was attended by a total 98 Students. The session started with a brief introduction, where in the speaker addressed the audience about her journey of becoming an entrepreneur that is, from a shy school girl to a Business Owner. The session focused on “Mindset Building” as a preparatory ground for the entire journey of becoming an Entrepreneur. It was an interactive session wherein the students raised doubts; they also shared their business idea of becoming an entrepreneur.

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Entrepreneurship Development Programme Seminar

An Entrepreneurship Development Programme Seminar was organized in Pillai College of Arts, Commerce and Science in association with A Divine Ariel Events International Pvt. Ltd. on Friday, 10th August, 2018 in the PCACS Auditorium.

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Mr. Sarath Nair interacting with students

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Ms. Anjali Gupta sharing her experience of being an Entrepreneur

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Students attending the session taken by Mr. Sarath Nair

The Co-founder Mr. Sarath Nair and Founder Ms. Anjali Gupta were the Spokesperson for the Session. An approximate of 300 students had attended the Seminar. It was an Interactive Session wherein, the students were asked to perform activities in order to Inculcate Confidence and to get out of their fear. Students asked queries and also answered to the required Questions. Being an Alumni of PCACS Ms. Anjali Gupta shared her Experience from being a student to being an Entrepreneur.

‘The Better You’ is a result oriented programme which deals with real time learning, hands on activities, result oriented tasks and self exploratory tools. Apart from focusing on Overall Development of an individual, the programme also stimulates Business and Corporate related activities that equip students to face real life situations.

“Creativity in Starting Small Scale Business” – World Enterpreneur Day

Entrepreneur Development Cell organized a seminar on “Creativity in Starting Small Scale Business” to celebrate “World Entrepreneur Day”.

Seminar conducted on “Family Managed Business and Entrepreneurship” on 19th August, 2016, Friday

Pillai Centre of Innovation and Entrepreneurship (PCIE) conducted a seminar on “Family Managed Business and Entrepreneurship” on 19th August, 2016, Friday. The program was conducted in the Auditorium, 7th Floor. Former B.M.S. student Mr. Jeffin John who is now a successful entrepreneur, Miss. Sabina and Prof. Samish Dalal were the main speakers at
the event. The seminar was very motivating and helped many students get a clear view about what to do differently in their lives.

It made the students realize the importance of family run business and the new and innovative things one can do to expand the family business. Miss. Sabina shared her personal story and experience with the students and stressed that women can always have a better shot at doing business than men. She recalled the problems she had to face, being the only woman in the firm while entering into the family business of mattresses. Prof. Samish Dalal made the students realize that the world, especially India is full of opportunities and one only has to find ‘gaps’ in the market to run a successful business. The program was clearly a huge motivation and helped the students open up their minds to various ideas in taking business to heights.

One Day International Seminar on Entrepreneurship

IQAC and EDP CELL organised One Day International Seminar on Entrepreneurship on 14th April, 2016. The seminar exposed opportunities for young entrepreneurs and explored measures and mechanisms for promoting entrepreneurship in various areas.

EDP Summit 2016

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EDP Summit 2016 was conducted on 22nd December, 2015 at 3 p.m. in G-403. There were 100 EDP students. The session was taken by Mr. Deb. Students were made aware of E-Cell operated by IIT. The students were able to solve the queries relating to start up of the business. The session was interactive and helpful to the students.

Financial Literacy Programme

sebiEntrepreneurship Development Programme has organized Financial Literacy Programme on 17th December, 2015 conducted by SEBI in Auditorium. Dr. Navin Punjabi was the resource person and 250 students attended the program.

Effective Resume Writing

Entrepreneurship Development Programme has organized a session on “Effective Resume Writing” in Auditorium on 17th December, 2015. Dr. Navin Punjabi was the resource person and students of 250 students attended the program.

Resume-Writting RES-WRI

Food Delight

Entrepreneurship Development Programme in association with Management Association organized “Food Delight” (Food Fest) on 5th December, 2015 12 Groups from all streams participated.
food-fest-15-16-1 food-fest-15-16-2
food-fest-15-16-3The objective was

  • To build confidence among students
  • Motivate them to work independently.
  • Give practical exposure of marketing skills to them.
  • Help them to become a good organizer.