Management Association


Management Association organised “FOOD DELIGHT” (food fest) on 5th December, 2015 in association with EDP. 12 Groups from all streams participated.

  • Management association organised "I am An Author" online writing context in association with from 21st to 27th July, 2014. Students of all streams were invited to show their talent and have their article published in Bachelors of Management Studies Portal. 21 students participated in this contest. Ms. Sayali Mokal from T.Y. BMS was the winner for this contest. She was awarded with e-certificate.
  • Management association conducted Mobile Photography event on 17th September, 2014 based on theme “CAMPUS CLICKS”. 44 students participated and submitted their picture clicked within the college campus within the given time. The winner of the event was Dipesh Patel from SY BMS A and was awarded with certificate and cash price. All the participants were given certificates.
  • Management Association organised Social activity on 15th January, 2015 at GIRIJA GHAR, KHARGHAR. It is a small orphanage that consists of around 20 kids of age around 7 to 14 years. Games, gifts, eatable were provided from the donation collected from students.

  • Management association organised a seminar on “CAMPUS TO CORPORATE” on 6th February, 2014 at 11.00 am. This seminar was organised for all members of management association.
  • Management association conducted “BOOK REVIEW COMPETITION” on 8th August, 2013. 10 students participated in the competition. Winners were awarded with cash price and certificate.
  • Management Association conducted “SOCIAL EVENT – HELPING ORPANGESON” on 25th December, 2013. Students donated cloths, stationary items, sports items and eatables.
  • Management Association organised "FOOD FESTIVAL" on 31st July, 2012, TUESDAY, between 10:00 a.m. to 04:00 p.m.
  • Management association organised “BRAIN GYM” on 12th September, 2012 Wednesday. 48 students participated. Winners were awarded cash price and certificate.
  • Management association organised “Kuru K Shetra – Battle of mind”( Group discussion) on 18th September, 2012. 13th students participated. Winners were awarded cash price and certificate.
  • Management association presented “MUSKAAN- gift a smile” as event on account of Christmas, A visit to orphanage on 20th December, 2012 at 5.oo pm. Students and teachers contributed Rs 6200 which was a very good response.
    The entire amounts collected from donation were used for purchasing eatable and stationary for children.
  • Management Association had organised seminar on “CHOICE OR COMPROMISE”, on 16th August, 2011 in conclave. 40 students had participated.
  • Management Association presented “MUSKAAN- Gift a smile,” A visit to orphanage on children day 14th November, 2011 at 5.00 p.m. Online promotion on facebook was conducted where in an event page of muskaan was created and people were sent invitation. Students and teachers donated generously and the total collection accounted to Rs 4,100 which was again a very good response.
  • Management association organised a seminar on “POSTIVE ATTITUDE” to sharpen the skill of management with in the students by Dr. Sanjay Rohate, who is consultant for Indian Rwg by team and celebraties. The seminar was conducted on 16th August, 2011. 100 Management association students attended the seminar.