Values Based Education Cell

Seminar on ‘Stop Existing, Start Living’

The Value Based Education Centre is conducting a Seminar on the topic, ‘Stop Existing, Start Living’ on 28th August, 2018 in the Conclave at 11:00 a.m.

Value Based Education Seminar

The Value Based Education Cell of PCACS on 7th July, 2018 conducted a Seminar on “How to improve the quality of life”. The Seminar was held in the auditorium for the students of various streams. This seminar was conducted by Mr. Ashok Sathaye along with Co-ordinator Mamta Shetty. It was attended by over 300 students including faculty members.

value-based-education-seminar (1)

Mr. Ashok Sathaye addressing the students

value-based-education-seminar (2)

Students during an activity

Mr. Ashok Sathaye is a member of ‘Divine Path’ which works towards positive living. The seminar was conducted in two sessions for the students. It acknowledged a lot of important topics through discussions and activities. Some of the topics were “How to live effectively”, “How to improve the power of concentration and memory”, “How to plan one’s goals and achieve them” and “How to be successful”.

The interactive session was highly informative and eye-opening for the students irrespective of their streams and fields.

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