Code of Conduct for Students

  • Students shall report to the examination hall 15 minutes before the scheduled time of examination.
  • They should see the seating arrangement well in advance.
  • Students should keep their bags away from their seats.
  • No writing pads are allowed.
  • They should carry their own pencils, scales and such other necessities.
  • No students will be allowed inside the hall 20 minutes after the examination has started.
  • Any written material lying around the candidates’ seat should be brought to the notice of block supervisor.
  • Students can leave the hall only after 30 minutes from the time examination has started.
  • No mobile is allowed in the campus.
  • However if by mistake any student has brought a mobile into the hall it should be deposited inside the bag but neither supervisor nor the institution will be liable for loss/exchange/damage to the mobile.
  • Copying either through material brought from outside or through another candidates’ answer sheet is strictly prohibited and if caught, supervisor will refer the case to Senior Supervisor and Unfair Means Committee.
  • Talking with fellow students in the examination hall is prohibited and it will be deemed as copying.
  • Any matter written in hand or any part of the body will be deemed as copying material and done with intention to copy.
  • Students should maintain discipline inside the examination hall.
  • Carrying material into the examination hall will amount to intention to copy even though real copying has not taken place. It falls under unfair means adopted by the student and is punishable.
  • Carrying written or unwritten answer sheets outside the examination hall is prohibited and is punishable.
  • Any writing on the desk, if related to any subject in which the candidates is appearing for examination, should be brought to the notice of the block supervisor as otherwise it will be deemed as written by the candidates.
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