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Webinar on “Best Practices in Students Engagement during Online Classes”

On 22nd April, 2020, PCACS Placement Cell organized a Webinar in collaboration with Ed-tech Master class on Students Engagement during ...
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UI UX Internship

There is an opportunity for students who are a bit proficient in UI UX for an internship at an upcoming ...
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Placement Cell Golden Saturday – 2019-2020

On 5th October, 2019, PCACS’s Placement Department celebrated a day, which is part of Golden Saturdays with Alumni on account ...
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Placement Training on “The Quality Enrichment Program”

Conducted "The Quality Enrichment Program" on Personality Development and Pre Placement Training organized by Skyline HR Solution in collaboration with ...
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Golden Saturday celebration on 50 years of MES in 2019

The National Service Scheme of Pillai College of Arts, Commerce & Science celebrated the second Golden Saturday with Alumni on ...
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Career Talk : Research & Placement Program

On 23rd March, 2019, PCACS’s Placement Department celebrated a day, which is part of Golden Saturdays with Alumni on account ...
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Training and Placement Officers’ Meet

A Training and Placement Officers’ Meet was held on Friday, 31st August, 2018. The event was conducted by IBS, Powai ...
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L&T Info Tech Campus Drive

On 27th and 28th August, 2018 L&T Info Tech Campus Drive was conducted in Pillai College of Arts, Commerce and ...
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Visit to the Barclays Company

The Placement Cell conducted a Visit to Barclays office on Friday, 10th August, 2018. It was organised for the third ...
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Career Guidance Session 2018

The Placement Cell of the college had organized a 'Career Guidance Session' for the third year students of B.Sc. I.T., ...
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JAVA Training Program

The Placement Cell of Pillai College of Arts, Commerce and Science organized a Seminar Session named 'JAVA Training Program' for ...
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Placement Cell Career Guidance Session

Placement Cell organized a Seminar Session for T.Y. [B.Sc.I.T., B.Sc.C.S., B.Sc. Biotech, B.Com, B.M.S., B.Com.F.M., B.M.M. and B.Com.A/F] students on ...
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Barclay’s – Brandkeeda Placement Training Program

On 4th July 2018, the Placement Cell hosted a Seminar Session named, 'Barclay's - Brandkeeda Placement Training Program'. It was ...
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Sutherland Academia Conclave

Our Placement officer, Mrs. Padmaja A. with her team and H.O.D. (I.T. & C.S.), Mrs. Deepika Sharma, attended "Sutherland Academia ...
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Pool Campus Drive for Infosys

Placement department is organizing INFOSYS Pool Campus Placement Drive for Third year I.T. and C.S. students on 17th and 18th ...
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CAMS Placement 2017

CONGRATULATIONS to our students who got selected in Computer Age Management Services [CAMS] placement drive held on 4th December, 2017 ...
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National Workshop for Women Journalist

Workshop for B.M.M. Journalism students by National Union of Journalist, Maharashtra. First Ever National Workshop for Women Journalist on 29th ...
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Barclays NASSCOM Foundation Youth Employability Program

GTT would be initiating the Barclays NASSCOM Foundation Youth Employability Program date 24th to 26th July, 2017 at Pillai College ...
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Career Counseling Seminar

On 17th June, 2017 a Career Counseling Seminar for T.Y. B.Sc.I.T. and T.Y. B.Sc.I.T. C.S. was conducted. Resource person: Our ...
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Campus Training Recruitment Workshop

Placement Cell organized a one day Workshop for T.Y students of all streams in 7th floor Auditorium on 10th June, ...
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Campus Drive

The placement cell had conducted a campus drive for T.Y.B.Sc. Biotechnology course on 12th January, 2017. Lilac Insights is India's ...
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Career Guidance Lecture

The Biotechnology Placement Cell conducted a career guidance lecture on 16th August, 2016 for B.Sc. and M.Sc. Biotechnology students in ...
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Career Guidance Session

Placement Cell conducted Career Guidance Session for T.Y. B.Sc. (I.T.) and T.Y.B.Sc. (C.S.) students on 18th June, 2016 in the ...
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Alumni Guest Lecture on “The Importance of Campus Placements”

The Department of I.T. and C.S. invited one of its Alumni, Mr. Anmol Srivastav, Sharepoint Administrator at L&T Infotech (Airoli) ...
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Campus Placement of Nokia

For third year students campus placement organized by Mobi Soft company. Third year students also participated in campus placement of ...
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Campus PlacementINFOSYSCAPGEMINIIKS Health CareGEPWILLISCAMSICICI BankICICI PrudentialReportL&T InfotechWipro

The list of students selected for INFOSYS Ltd. Placement Drive held on 15th and 16th January, 2019.

List of selected students

Nikita Deepak KatkeT.Y. B.Sc.I.T.Poonam Namdeo KambleT.Y. B.Sc.I.T.
Neha Sharad GadeT.Y. B.Sc.I.T.Deepak Sudishtnarayan JhaT.Y. B.Sc.I.T.
Sonal Yuvraj JadhavT.Y. B.Sc.I.T.Pradnya Dnyandeo TupeT.Y. B.Sc.I.T.
Roshan SinghT.Y. B.Sc.I.T.Tejasvi Gangaram SawantT.Y. B.Sc.I.T.
Rishikesh Vijay GajelliT.Y. B.Sc.I.T.Gaurav Balkrishna PawarT.Y. B.Sc.I.T.
Sadiq M. Alam ShaikhT.Y. B.Sc.I.T.Esha OjhaT.Y. B.Sc.I.T.
Rajashree Bhanudas PatilT.Y. B.Sc.I.T.Anjali Abhay SawantT.Y. B.Sc.I.T.
Pooja V. DandaleT.Y. B.Sc.I.T.Ajinkya Rajendra SahaneT.Y. B.Sc.I.T.
Abhishek Suresh NairT.Y. B.Sc.I.T.Priyanka Mahadeo PawarT.Y. B.Sc.I.T.
Swapnil Sanjay PatilT.Y. B.Sc.I.T.Anandi Vivek NarvekarT.Y. B.Sc.I.T.
Pranay Nandkumar PatilT.Y. B.Sc.I.T.Sharyu Mukund BagalT.Y. B.Sc.I.T.
Shubham Zankbahadur BogatiT.Y. B.Sc.I.T.Seema Ashok WaghT.Y. B.Sc.I.T.
Harshita Mahipal JainT.Y. B.Sc.I.T.Saurabh Pratap BagalT.Y. B.Sc.I.T.
Vishnu Sasidharan PillaiT.Y. B.Sc.I.T.Rahul Pramod BharadwajT.Y. B.Sc.I.T.
Pankaj Vishnu PrabhuT.Y. B.Sc.I.T.Rahul Rajesh ManeT.Y. B.Sc.I.T.
Milind Ravindra VaidyaT.Y. B.Sc.I.T.Bharath Vikraman NairT.Y. B.Sc.I.T.
Chandrika ChoudharyT.Y. B.Sc.I.T.Sonalika RaiT.Y. B.Sc.I.T.
Shrutika Dnyaneshwar ShelkeT.Y. B.Sc.I.T.Joyce Bonison KuppekarT.Y. B.Sc.I.T.
Rakshita Narayan NaikT.Y. B.Sc.I.T.Shubhangi Prakash LoreT.Y. B.Sc.I.T.
Ankita Ankush ThoratT.Y. B.Sc.I.T.Aditi Prakash PingaleT.Y. B.Sc.I.T.
Shradha Surendra MishraT.Y. B.Sc.I.T.Lekha Vishwanath SawantT.Y. B.Sc.I.T.
Sadaf Zia AhmedT.Y. B.Sc.I.T.Prachi Somnath SharmaT.Y. B.Sc.I.T.
Sayali Shivaji RanjaneT.Y. B.Sc.I.T.Himani Narendra KoliT.Y. B.Sc.I.T.
Sophia Shabbir KhanT.Y. B.Sc.I.T.

The list of students selected for CAPGEMINI TECHNOLOGIES Placement Drive held on 3rd and 4th February, 2019.

List of selected students

Sophia Shabbir KhanT.Y. B.Sc.I.T.Jha Deepak SudishtnarayanT.Y. B.Sc.I.T.
Aishwarya NagvekarT.Y. B.Sc.I.T.Nikita Deepak KatkeT.Y. B.Sc.I.T.
Seema Ashok WaghT.Y. B.Sc.I.T.Vishnu Sasidharan PillaiT.Y. B.Sc.I.T.
Simran Pradeep DubeyT.Y. B.Sc.I.T.Ajinkya Rajendra SahaneT.Y. B.Sc.I.T.
Priyanka Mahadeo PawarT.Y. B.Sc.I.T.Aditi Prakash PingaleT.Y. B.Sc.C.S.
Sharyu Mukund BagalT.Y. B.Sc.I.T.Gagan Narayan DangreT.Y. B.Sc.C.S.
Prashob PadmanabhanT.Y. B.Sc.I.T.Vaibhav Dnyaneshwar PawarT.Y. B.Sc.I.T.
Ashutosh PandeyT.Y. B.Sc.I.T.Manisha Kumari Umesh SharmaT.Y. B.Sc.C.S.
Tony Mathew SunnyT.Y. B.Sc.I.T.Neha Sharad GadeT.Y. B.Sc.I.T.
Roshan SinghT.Y. B.Sc.I.T.Ruchi MishraT.Y. B.Sc.C.S.
Nair Ayush ArunkumarT.Y. B.Sc.I.T.Vaishnavi Harikumar NairT.Y. B.Sc.I.T.
Esha OjhaT.Y. B.Sc.I.T.Aayush TiwariT.Y. B.Sc.I.T.
Nikhil Digambar KharatT.Y. B.Sc.I.T.

The list of students selected for IKS HEALTH CARE Placement Drive held on 17th January, 2019.

List of selected students

Komal PatilB.Sc.Bio.Tech.Jithin Nilappana
Sneha PartheB.Sc.Bio.Tech.Prakriti TiwariT.Y. B.Com.F.M.
Disha BiswadB.Sc.Bio.Tech.Shreya Shetty
Sakshi LanjewarB.Sc.Bio.Tech. Pallavi PhalkeT.Y. B.M.S.
Anjali NairB.Sc.Bio.Tech.Rani BohraT.Y. B.Com.F.M.
Nandani NairB.Sc.Bio.Tech.Antara Pal
Shweta PandeyB.Sc.Bio.Tech.Reeva Aishwarya
Kiran PatilM.Sc.Bio.Tech.Akansha SagarT.Y. B.Com.F.M.

The list of students selected for GEP Placement Drive held on 9th March, 2019.

List of selected students

Utkarsh KaushikT.Y. B.Com.F.M.
Prabhjot HeerT.Y.B.Com.A.F.
Vaibhavi Thakur
Jyoti Wakshe

The list of students selected for WILLIS TOWER WATSON Placement Drive held on 28th January, 2019.

List of selected students

Richa BafnaT.Y. B.Com.
KshitijaT.Y. B.Com.

Computer Age Management Services [CAMS] placement drive held on 17th December, 2018.
Appeared: 65
Selected: 16

List of selected students

Richa Amrut BafnaT.Y. B.Com.A.F.Shiza SiddiqueT.Y. B.M.S. (Fin)
Manali Ashok JainT.Y. B.Com.A.F.Smita Ramesh AutadeT.Y. B.Com.
Dinesh PatelT.Y. B.Com.A.F.Shubham Rajendra ShahT.Y. B.Com.
Raksha MishraT.Y. B.Com.A.F.Raunak PrabhakarT.Y. B.M.S.
Antara PalT.Y. B.Com.A.F.Aarzoo Imtiyaz BaangiT.Y. B.Com.A.F.
Arjun NairT.Y. B.Com.A.F.Rosemin Imtiyaz KhanT.Y. B.Com.A.F.
Sonali ChakrabortyT.Y. B.Com.Geetika Vijay KhilnanyT.Y. B.M.S. (Fin)
Gloria Raju PadikkalaT.Y. B.Com.A.F.Pallavi Dilip PhalkeT.Y. B.M.S. (Fin)

The list of students selected for ICICI Bank Placement Drive held on 20th December, 2018.
Appeared: 85
Selected: 12

List of selected students

Sonali ChakrabortyT.Y. B.Com.Saumil KaushikT.Y. B.M.S.
Mukul KumarT.Y. B.Com.Mariyum AnsariT.Y. B.Com.A.F.
Anurag MeenaT.Y. B.Com.Harjeet Kaur GuptaT.Y. B.Com.
Snehal NavrangeT.Y. B.Com.Shalaka PathakT.Y. B.Com.F.M.
Pradeep PrabhuT.Y. B.M.S.Dinesh PatelT.Y. B.Com.A.F.
Jitho MonachanT.Y. B.Com.A.F.Samruddhi JanokarT.Y. B.Com.

The list of students selected for ICICI Prudential Placement Drive held on 11th January, 2019.
Appeared: 80
Selected: 6

List of selected students

Karuna SebyT.Y. B.Sc.I.T.
Payal SisodiyaT.Y. B.Com.
Nisha KumarT.Y. B.Com.A.F.
Kshitija PanmandT.Y. B.Com.
Prachi SharmaT.Y. B.Sc.I.T.
Antara PalT.Y. B.Com.A.F.

Final Selects Pillai College Mumbai Non Engg. Pooled 2018-19

L&T InfoTech Pool Campus Drive held on 27th and 28th August, 2018.

List of selected students

Students NameDepartment
Anjali SawantT.Y. B.Sc.I.T.
Roshan SinghT.Y. B.Sc.I.T.
Esha OjhaT.Y. B.Sc.I.T.
Manish VermaT.Y. B.Sc.I.T.
Pawankumar MeenaT.Y. B.Sc.I.T.
Ziyad BhombalT.Y. B.Sc.C.S.
Rahul ManeT.Y. B.Sc.I.T.
Shradha MishraT.Y. B.Sc.I.T.
Vishnu PillaiT.Y. B.Sc.I.T.
Vishal NairT.Y. B.Sc.I.T.
Shubham BogatiT.Y. B.Sc.C.S.
Sophia KhanT.Y. B.Sc.C.S.
Anshika SaxenaT.Y. B.Sc.I.T.
Harshita JainT.Y. B.Sc.I.T.
Aishwarya NagvekarT.Y. B.Sc.I.T.
Gagan DangreT.Y. B.Sc.I.T.
Rishikesh GajelliT.Y. B.Sc.I.T.
Ashwini PoojaryT.Y. B.Sc.I.T.
Rahul NairT.Y. B.Sc.I.T.
Joel MathewsT.Y. B.Sc.I.T.
Shubhangi LoreT.Y. B.Sc.I.T.

Wipro Placement Drive for 2019 Batch was held on 28th September, 2018. Selected students - 12.

List of selected students

Students NameDepartmentStudents NameDepartment
Deepak JhaT.Y. B.Sc.I.T.Swapnil PatilT.Y. B.Sc.I.T.
Sadiq ShaikhT.Y. B.Sc.I.T.Sharyu BagalT.Y. B.Sc.I.T.
Sayali RanjaneT.Y. B.Sc.I.T.Ashutosh PandeyT.Y. B.Sc.I.T.
Rakshita NaikT.Y. B.Sc.I.T.Sadaf AhmedT.Y. B.Sc.I.T.
Prajakta GawandeT.Y. B.Sc.I.T.Milind VaidyaT.Y. B.Sc.C.S.
Pankaj PrabhuT.Y. B.Sc.I.T.Danish SayedT.Y. B.Sc.C.S.
SutherlandWiproSyntelICICI BankHouse of Anitha DongreEclerx ServicsInfosysCapgeminiGEPIKS Health CareAditya Birla CapitalCAMS

CONGRATULATIONS to our students who got selected in placement Sutherland drive held on 25th January, 2018.

List of selected students

DepartmentStudents Name
M.Sc. I.T.Ishrat Shaikh
T.Y. B.Sc.I.T.Prakash Singh
T.Y. B.Sc.I.T.Samson Alex
T.Y. B.Sc.C.S.Ashwin Nambiar
T.Y. B.Sc.C.S.Nilesh Kumar Srivastav
T.Y. B.Sc.I.T.Sahil Walanj
T.Y. B.Sc.C.S.Dashrath Singh
T.Y. B.M.M.Viraj Nayak
T.Y. B.Sc.I.T.Mubassir Surve
T.Y. B.M.M.Dilip Gupta
T.Y. B.Sc.I.T.Sonika Singh
T.Y. B.Sc.I.T.Ankita More

CONGRATULATIONS to our students who got selected in placement Wipro Pool Campus drive held on 26th and 27th February, 2018

List of selected students

Students Name
Neha SinghShubham HegdeRasika Joshi
Anjana NairAnkit KevatSweta Nag
Shailesh PrasadRahesh BaigAnkitkumar Vaishya

CONGRATULATIONS to our students who got selected in placement Syntel Services drive held on 21st February, 2018

List of selected students

Students Name
Neelesh DharamNishant BhardwajRishi Tiwari
Ashish PatelRajat GowdaDipti Karkera
Priya SaraogiShubham SumanManali Surve
Shaniya RajanAparna NairSiddharth Sant
Archana PagareVasudha ChaturvediHarmanpreet Kaur
Vaishnavi GaikwadKhiwinder KaurSmirthy Sudarshan
Karthik DileepGeordy JoyJiju Sam

CONGRATULATIONS to our students who got selected in placement ICICI Bank drive held on 3rd February, 2018

List of selected students

Students Name
Sahil WalanjArvind ChauhanJyotsna Singh
Manali SurveSimran ChhabriaPriya Saraogi
Vrinda NairKhivinder KaurArchana Pagare
Shruti DevrukharMayuri MunotSnehal Pandurang
Baby RumjilalSmrithi SudarshanPooja Nair
Harmanpreet DhillonAmreen PagarkarPrateek Jadhav
Vaishnavi GaikwadShivangi ChaudharyGirishma Shinde
Shruti ManchekarBhagyashree KhatekarJagruti Zavare
Bindu KumariAmarpreet KaurNetra Mahajan
Rishi JiwariPrakash SinghAbhishek Singh
Amritpal SinghParesh YadavPrafulita Khudekar
Vinith Chandran

CONGRATULATIONS to our students who got selected in House of Anitha Dongre placement drive held on 24th January, 2018

List of selected students

Students Name
Ankita BhujadeDivyanka ChachadRajashree Vibhute
Elizabeth Sam JacobBharti BhadadaSimran Chhabria
Sahil WalanjSimran JoanneAmritpal Singh Bajwa
Khiwinder KaurShivangi ChaudharyPriya Saraogi
Gurpreet KapoorMamta MotwaniPriya Surwade
Saral JosephSharvari ChaturShruti Vishwakarma
Students Name
Sebin ThomasAparna NairAnuradha Patil
Khiwinder Kaur ThindAbhishek NairLettisha Palamattam

CONGRATULATIONS to our students who got selected in Infosys placement drive held on 17th and 18th January, 2018

List of selected students

Students Name
Komal WaghmareVivek KamaleSharon Mathew
Farzeen KaziChaithra EdakulangaraPayal Amle
Kshitij BhuwadAbhijit SharmaRanu Surana
Gulnaz BegamChandan DixitTejas Pawar
Rasika JoshiAnjana NairGanesh Pawar
Adithya NairParabjit SinghSheetal Yavate
Sachila KasuteShreejith NairKunal Ninawe

CONGRATULATIONS to our students who got selected in Cap Gemini placement drive held on 12th December, 2017

List of selected students

Students Name
Sachila Dhondibhau KasuteShreejith Ramachandran
Sukanya Navin MishraChandel Aakash Pavankumar
Nikita Dinesh MhatreBasi Reddy Manasa Surender
Dhanashree Ramchandra KatkarReuben Mathew
Anu Ajitkumar ThakurShetty Adesh Karunakar
Dipali Parameshwar MaliVinit Ashok Pednekar
Snehal Deepak MahadikParthan Jaygopal Panikar
Sharon MathewVivek Kamale Ashok
Jaspreet KaurKartik Kumar Sidheshwar Singh
Pillai Amita ThulaseedharanNair Adithya Anil
Pranav Vijay ChaudhariRakesh Shinde
Christina VargheseAbhijit Sharma
Gulnaz BegamNilima Haridas
Hrithik RaiSheetal Rajkumar Yavate
Aditi Rajendra SurveChaithra Janardhanan Edakulangara
Viraj Kishor Mota

Congratulations to our students who got selected in GEP placement drive held on 18th August, 2017

List of selected students

Students Name
Omkar DeshpandeSonal Singh
Priya SinghShruti Vishwakarma
Sharvari ChakurAmritpal Bajwa
Jitin VargheseTanya Arora
Ankush Kumar

Congratulations to our students who got selected in IKS Health Care placement drive held on 24th August, 2017

List of selected students

Students Name
Navita KurupDivya Adhikari
Sharvari ChaturNikhita Nair
Aishwarya PillaiPooja Nair
Sumi VargheseSmrithy Sudarshan
Shrti ViswakarmaPriya Singh
Layksha ParamattanRejith Nair
Anita JohnVaidehi Joshi
Mellisar John

Congratulations to all!
The list of students selected for Internships in Aditya Birla Capital

Students Name
Jyoti Arvind Kumar PandeyShlok Yerawar
Khyati BajajShubham Rajendra Shah
Abhijeet Prakash MhatreAjinkya Tanaji Gade
Yash Deepak PatilAman Arora
Shreya Uday MankarKaustubh Anil Kejkar
Jyothi SharmaPradeep Pundalik Prabhu
Rajat Mahesh SharmaNeha Rajendra Verma
Hasan Asif MerchantRahul Avinash Mishra

Congratulations to our students who got selected in Computer Age Management Services [CAMS] placement drive held on 4th December, 2017

List of selected students

NameDepartment NameDepartment
Sonal SinghT.Y.B.ComT.ThirthT.Y.BAF
Harmanpreet Kaur DhillonT.Y.BAFDisha ShahT.Y.B.Com
Neha MehtaT.Y.BAFSaral JosephT.Y.B.Com
Sharvari ChaturT.Y.BAFKhiwinder KaurT.Y.BAF
Deeksha ShettyT.Y.BAFMayuri Munot
Rishi TiwariT.Y.BAFShruti VarudeT.Y.B.M.S.
Shruti VishwakarmaT.Y.BAFGreeshma Shah
Saurabh RaiT.Y.BAFChristina VargheseT.Y.B.M.S.
Smruthy SudarshanT.Y.BAFAmritpal SinghT.Y.B.M.S.

Selected Students Placement List 2016-17


25 PCACS students got recruited in "Computer Age Management Services Pvt. Ltd., Belapur" through campus interview.

NameDepartment NameDepartment
Sharel D'souzaB.Com.Cherukupalli Lalita PrasadB.A.
Surbhi ChaliseB.Com.Rajshree ShuklaB.Com.F.M.
Lavina Mauian NairB.Com.Dipali Dipak TeleB.M.S.
Niharika PawarB.A.Riyah Nadeem KhanB.Com.
Akanksha Ajit SawantB.M.S.Neha U MishraB.M.S.
Ronak BhanushaliB.Com.D Laxmi SravyaB.A.
Betsy BasilB.M.S.Ayesh MD Zubair ShaikhB.A.
Anjali SinghB.A.Reema GidwaniB.Com.
Khushboo Atul ShabB.A.Sayli Balwant shirkeB.A.
Smruthi NairB.A.Aparna SarovaramB.Com.
Susmita Chandrakant ChavanB.Com.Shehrebanu BharmalB.Com.
Kavita SusarlaB.M.S.Sneha AyyagariB.M.S.
Radhika Rajendra AmbavaneB.Com.

HERE Navi Mumbai recruited 71 PCACS students for the role of "GIS Analyst I".

PCACS Students Name
Aditi MadavRahil KhanAnkita Rana
Prachi MehraPretty GeorgeNaseem Ansari
Shweta SinghSufin ShekasanAnjali Singh
Lalita CherukupalliAnju NairVrushali Sonawale
Dikil VijayanAnanya MisraAvil Rajoria
Ruchita MalekarPratiksha PhapaleVaishnavi Tidke
Ankit SinghDiksha SharmaRucha Shelar
Vidhi SharmaVineet TandelRuchi Gupta
Prachi SuleMamta ChatareRushali Shinde
Ankit OswalShrenik PrabhulSaif Khan
Lokesh ChikkaSonali BhidePooja Thube
Sony SinghLaxmi Sravya Reddy DodlaMegha Rao
Nidhi SinghMonica DhawanChirag Palrecha
Alice SinghLincy JohnKunal Salvi
Mobin BabuKevin PatelJahanvi Yadav
Himanshu MandalNimitha KariyazhathAshwathi Menon
Rakshit NegiShruti KhopadeMayuri Sawant
Shehrebanu BharmalAtul RanjithMandar Malgunkar
Mohit SanapPallavi AgarkarSmruthi Nair
Ankita DasShubham SrivastavRishabh Raveendra Kumar
Anoop NairNavin MadanPradnya More
Rutambara NalawadeTrupti BalipAparna Singh
Shivam KumariPrachi RevaskarAditya Singh
Shruti DeshmukhSterlin Vadakkail
Number of Students Selected: 8
Neha Kousar KhanB.Sc.Biotech
V.Ashwin NaiduB.Sc.Biotech
Kshitija GhosalkarB.Sc.Biotech
Rutuja YelmarB.Sc.Biotech
Riddhi JoreB.Sc.Biotech
Pallavi JadhavB.Sc.Biotech
Shruti JadhavB.Sc.Biotech
Shubham BendreB.Sc.Biotech
Number of Students Selected: 16
Anjali SinghB.Com. A&F
Anju NairB.Com. A&F
Jasmine LubaneB.Com.
Lakshmi PillaiB.Com. A&F
Moncy VergheseB.Com. A&F
Monika SinhaB.Com. A&F
Mubashira ShaikhB.Com. F.M.
Niharika PawarB.Com. A&F
Prachi MehraB.Com. A&F
Priti MishraB.Com.
Priyanshi SinghB.Com.
Rahil KhanB.Com.
Rajshree ShuklaB.Com. F.M.
Samapti DanaB.Com. A&F
Shushila JaggiB.Com. A&F
Suneet ChoudharyB.Com. A&F

[CAPGEMINI Recruitment Brochure]

We are glad to share that 27 students Of T.Y.B.Sc. (I.T.) and T.Y.B.Sc. (C.S) got selected in CAPGEMINI through the campus drive conducted on 22nd August, 2016.

PCACS Student Name
Prachi Raju RevaskarBinita Varughese
Ruby YadavPrajakta Bhalchandra Thakur
Pratibha Prakash PawarShruti Sharad Dalvi
Maya Sambhaji JadhavPranali Rajendra Pawar
Ananta NairSneha Ramesh Autade
Sneha Shivaji KhairaokarPoonam Ashok Patil
Samruddhi Atul DevrukhkarAshwini Uttam Deshmukh
Sonal Nathaji PatilMahur Naresh Patil
Manoj Balasaheb ShivaleVikith Jain
Nikita Anant NikaljeAshwini Shivaji Satpute
Mosam ChoudharyRavikumar Satveer Choudhary
Shubham Shankar YadavSaurabh Adinath Shinde
Bhavika Madan AdsulSohini Gopinath Maji
Mandar Mohan Malgunkar
Number of Students Selected: 24
PCACS Students Name
Sufin A. ShekasanSachin Satheesan Chathankulam
Ajay Singh BistSmruthi Balakrishnan Nair
Anni Thomas BabySimi Johnson
Ankita RanaPayal Rana
Srishti GuptaDiksha P. Sharma
Ayesha MZ ShaikhAnjali Singh
Himanshu MandalSamapti Dena
Choudhary Anjum AjajLikhita Nair
Sharel D SouzaNeeraja M. Nair
Ria PoojariMubashera Shaikh
Mahima NairSushant Tushar Mankane
Shrenik PrabhulVidhi Sharma

59 B.Sc.(C.S.) and (I.T.) students of the batch 2016-17 got placed in TCS (Tata Consultancy Services)

Number of Students Selected: 8
Ankit GoregaonkarB.Sc.C.S.
Chinmay TagadeB.Sc.I.T.
Pradeep PandaB.Sc.I.T.
Nishmita ShettyB.Sc.C.S.
Mosam ChoudharyB.Sc.C.S.
Sarita SarojB.Sc.I.T.
Samruddhi DevrukhkarB.Sc.I.T.
Siddhesh ParkarB.Sc.C.S.


Core Team


Placement Officer
Mrs. Padmaja Ganti
Mrs. Shubhangi Pawar
Mrs. Shraddha Kulkarni
Mrs. Srividya Gagan
Mrs. Aditya Joshi
Mrs. Ruchika Bassi

PCACS has been in the forefront of activities bringing both corporate and companies close to the campus and encouraging them to establish facilities to cater to the needs of both students and faculty.

The Training and Placement Cell in the institute plays a pivotal role in counseling and guiding the students for their successful career placement which is a crucial interface between the stages of completion of academic program of the students and their entry into suitable employment.

The Training and Placement cell enhances the employability of the student by conducting specialized training in mathematical ability, aptitude skills, analytical skills, language skills, technical skills in addition to, on line placement mock tests. The recruitment training is conducted by professionals from in house resources as well as professional trainers from the corporate world. The training sessions are scheduled during the semester breaks in addition to crash courses during the start of campus placement season. The Placement and Training Centre is supported with infrastructure such as 300 seat seminar hall with modern electronic teaching aids like LCD projector, internet service, computer support.

Many reputed national and multinational companies visit our institute for campus recruitment annually because of our high quality research, excellent facilities and talented students. On an average, 75 to 80% of eligible students were placed in last 3 years. The college has established good understanding with top companies like TCS, Infosys, Accenture, Tech Mahindra, Nokia, L&T Ltd. and others. Placement cell also organizes industrial training sessions for the placed students just before they join the respective industry.


  • Create awareness among students regarding available career options and help them in identifying their career objectives.
  • Guide the students in developing skills and job-search strategies required to achieve their career objectives.
  • Identify suitable potential employers and help them achieve their hiring goals.
  • Organize activities concerning career planning.
  • Act as a bridge between students, alumni and employers.
  • Take feedback from industry and provide inputs for curriculum.

Training Programs

Our teachers conduct training sessions through various committees like Computer Association to train students for Aptitude, Group discussions and various qualifying rounds for placements by mock sessions / simulated exercises.