Values Based Education Cell

The current age is of speed, constant changes and unending competition with immeasurable pressures from all around. This is leading to increase in value degradation with time. There is an urgent need of inculcating values among students in the present age. Responding to this urgent need along with education Pillai College of Arts, Commerce and Science has established a Value Based Education Centre that primarily focuses on imparting values like kindness, accountability, honesty, mindfulness. The center achieves this by conducting various activities that make students concentrate on themselves and the positives within more than the world around. We believe in one step at a time and are directed towards creating a vibrant community that is individually, academically and socially responsible. The center plans programs on various themes from wellness through Yoga and meditation, improving self-confidence, stress management, anger management ,bringing about a balance in emotions and actions.
Following are the Core Values:

  • Kindness
  • Honesty
  • Accountability
  • Mindfulness
  • Excellence


Value Education Committee

Value Education Committee in collaboration with Literary Association

Value Education Committee in collaboration with Literary Association organized an activity on 29th February 2020. Students were shown a video clip on importance of segregating Dry waste and Wet Waste in two separate bins. After watching the video, students were asked to write a review on it. Total 32 students were part of this activity. Prof. Akshata Narkar went through the write-ups and selected the two best reviews. As part of the activity, proper sanitation values were taught to the students through this video.

Students watching the video clip on sanitation in the class

Students writing the review on the clip shown in class

Prof. Akshata Narkar while conducting the review writing competition


Activities Conducted in Term I

1. How to Improve the Quality of Life!

A seminar on “How to improve the quality of life” was conducted on 7-7-18 by Mr.Ashok Sathaye along with coordinator Mamta Shetty. He is a member of Divine path that works towards positive living. Subjects like how to live effectively, how to improve the power of concentration & memory, how to plan ones goals and achieve them.

2. Stop Existing Start Living

An interactive session on values like kindness, empathy and honesty that included the journey of the guest speaker who is a motivational speaker, wildlife photographer and a teacher was conducted.

3. Cyber Ethics and Youth Relationships

A program was organized by the center that addressed the various problems that the youth is currently facing. It was an interactive session where the students openly shared their views and thoughts about various things happening around today.

4. Introduction to Happiness Program

A program in association with ART OF LIVING on 4-02-2019 that introduced the students to Happiness Program that AOL conducts, along with exercises and breathing techniques was conducted. Over 200 students participated in the same. The students enjoyed the activity session in the program.

Activities Conducted in Term II

1. Yoga Week

A week long Yoga Session was organised in association with PATANJALI YOGPEETH where 65 students performed yogasanas for a whole week. They were also communicate the right poses and advantages of asanas during this week.

2. An Addiction called LIFE!

A seminar on mindfulness, accountability and kindness was organized where Miss. Dipanwita Chakraborthy, a popular traveler, blogger and trekker explained the importance of these values through her experiences. More than 100 students participated in this seminar.

3. Power of YOU!

This event conducted by the center in association with CHINMAYA MISSION on 11-03-2019 where both the guests put light on the importance of core values of kindness, honesty, mindfulness, accountability and excellence through short stories and exercises.


A workshop in association with the BRAHMAKUMARIS was conducted focusing on core values like honesty, mindfulness. This consisted of exercises,games,songs that the students participated in actively.

5. Employability And Human Skills

A seminar on Employabiltiy and the skills required today in the corporate world was organized in association with The Growth Centre. The speaker Ms. Mugdha Shetye a lead psychologist interacted with students and explained the demands of the industry from freshers

Seminar on ‘Stop Existing, Start Living’

The Value Based Education Centre is conducting a Seminar on the topic, ‘Stop Existing, Start Living’ on 28th August, 2018 in the Conclave at 11:00 a.m.

Value Based Education Seminar

The Value Based Education Cell of PCACS on 7th July, 2018 conducted a Seminar on “How to improve the quality of life”. The Seminar was held in the auditorium for the students of various streams. This seminar was conducted by Mr. Ashok Sathaye along with Co-ordinator Mamta Shetty. It was attended by over 300 students including faculty members.

Mr. Ashok Sathaye addressing the students

Students during an activity

Mr. Ashok Sathaye is a member of ‘Divine Path’ which works towards positive living. The seminar was conducted in two sessions for the students. It acknowledged a lot of important topics through discussions and activities. Some of the topics were "How to live effectively", "How to improve the power of concentration and memory", "How to plan one’s goals and achieve them" and "How to be successful".

The interactive session was highly informative and eye-opening for the students irrespective of their streams and fields.

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