Research Policy

The college is committed to promote a research culture among Faculty and students as basic long term research provides the foundation for future development of the Institution. The research policy of the college aims to identify research areas of academic, practical and social relevance. The research policy has been framed to analyse, understand and effectively respond to all types of challenges posed in the pursuance of quality research.


  1. To strengthen the institutional capacity for strategic, technical and operational planning, budgeting and control of all research activities of the college.
  2. To create and promote a culture of research among the faculty and students
  3. To ensure quality, integrity and ethics in research.
  4. To encourage and facilitate the publication of the research works in reputed academic International / National journals and also to facilitate the presentation of the research work through academic events such as workshops/seminars/conferences.
  5. To identify and inform researchers about the appropriate research opportunities announced by different academic, research, industry or government organizations.
  6. To promote interdisciplinary research involving more than one knowledge domains.
  7. To facilitate providing professional guidance, technical support and recommendation for financial assistance.
  8. To identify and establish linkages including MOUs for long term relationships with national and international research organizations for widening the scope of research opportunities available to the teachers and students of the college.

Code of Conduct for Research


  • Do not falsify, fabricate, plagiarise, mislead, or misrepresent (either in writing, through electronic/online means or by any other means)
  • Do not deviate from accepted practices in the specific research discipline or pertaining to specific communities
  • Obtain all relevant licenses, permits, permissions, and protocols, where necessary.


  • Share and communicate research methodology, data and findings openly, responsibly and accurately
  • Disclose and manage conflicts of interest.


  • Treat fellow researchers and others involved in the research fairly and with respect
  • Appropriately reference and cite the work of others
  • Give credit, including authorship where appropriate, to those who have contributed to the research.


Retain clear, accurate, secure and complete records of all research including research data and primary materials


Disclose and manage any and all actual, potential or perceived conflicts of interest;


  • Include all authors of research outputs. Authors of research outputs are those, and only those, who have made a significant intellectual or scholarly contribution to the research and its output, and they have agreed to be listed as an author
  • Cite and acknowledge other work appropriately and accurately and obtain permission for the use of unpublished work.
  • Acknowledge professional and technical staff, institutions, funders, and shared facilities which have contributed to the research explicitly in all published outcomes of the research.


  • Apply the ethics principles of research merit and integrity, justice, beneficence and respect in the conduct of all human research.
  • Only conduct research involving humans with approval from the appropriate ethics review body.


  • Only conduct research involving animals after receiving approval from an appropriate animal ethics review body.
  • Act to minimise the impacts on animals used in research and in so doing support the welfare and wellbeing of these animals.

Code of Ethics for Plagiarism Check

  1. It is the objective of the college to create awareness among the faculty and the students regarding the responsible conduct of research, study, project, assignment, thesis, dissertation and prevention of misconduct including plagiarism.
  2. The college aims to develop systems to detect plagiarism and set up mechanisms to prevent plagiarism.
  3. The college uses well known software like turnitin and other online tools for plagiarism check.
  4. The College shall take serious note of any lapses on the part of researchers in this regard.